About Us

Supplying the BEST talent, for your event!

At 3rd Above we pride ourselves on only bringing the best talent to your event. With contacts all over the world, if it’s not available locally we can find it further afield. We strongly believe that every event should be approached with a fresh mind and that nothing should be repeated, therefore we will have as many meetings with a client as necessary until they feel we have met every need in order to create lasting memories for both their guests and themselves.

Who are we?

3rd Above Entertainment was set up by Scott Livingstone in 2018. Since then Scott has grown the
business both in clientele, personal equipment and knowledge of the Jersey Entertainment scene.

Scott is a professional trained performers who trained for 3 years in Guildford before working as
both an Actor and Vocalist in Jersey, the UK and internationally. Scotts main aim is to make
events memorable for all the right reasons and to raise the bar in terms of standard in all aspects
of entertainment in Jersey.

Why '3rd Above'?

The names 3rd above relates to an ‘interval’ in singing that is commonly used to create a lovely

The most common type of harmonisation is a third above or a third below the melody note. For
instance, if the melody of your favourite song calls for the note A over an F major chord, this
means the melody is using the third scale degree. To harmonise, you could sing a minor third
above the note A (the note C, which is the fifth of the chord) or a major third below the note A (the
note F, which is the root note of the chord). Such harmonies are pleasing to the ear in Western

That’s why we chose our name, we want to harmonise with your events.


Why Choose Us?

We are committed to what we do, our only job is to create your dream event.

We will only agree to do your event should we have the right talent available, your event will never
be confirmed until we have the 100% commitment of our professional performers.

We use our connections in the UK and abroad to make sure that if the talent isn’t available in
Jersey we can source it at a competitive price..